There's a lot of talk at the moment about how High Definition is revolutionising the way we watch television, but for most people buying an HD TV is a confusing and murky area, with a bewildering array of options. However we are here to help you.
First you need to understand exactly what an HD TV is. Simply put, it is a television capable of displaying a picture far better than standard definition television. This improved quality is achieved in two ways. Whereas standard television sets have a maximum vertical resolution of 576 pixels, full HD can display as many as 1080 vertical pixels. HD also has a higher frame rate, displaying up to 60 frames per second rather than the traditional 30, which gives you a much smoother viewing experience.
This may sound like technical jargon, but the reality is that you end up with a sharp, crystal clear image that is almost lifelike with the depth and brilliance of its colours. HD also has improved audio, enabling broadcasters to give you high quality surround sound to provide a truly immersive home cinema experience. ...read more

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